Mulch & Landscape Supplies are just part of the quality products we offer.

MI Organics have a wide selection garden mulch supplies for home gardens commercial landscape projects alike. The colour or style of your mulch can change the entire look and feel of your garden MI Organics offer a range of mulch & landscape supplies to suit of all styles and concepts.

Mulch conserves moisture in soil: Evaporation can quickly steal essential moisture from bare, unprotected garden beds. However a well-mulched garden can retain water in the soil to nurture flowers, herbs, vegetables and other desirable plants.

Mulch minimizes soil compaction: Unmulched gardens can suffer from compacted soil, particularly with repeated watering and weather-related evaporation. However many organic mulches appeal to earthworms which can burrow through soil to add aeration and healthy dirt density for plants.

Mulch adds weed control: Mulch help to hold back the growth of unwanted vegetation in a garden bed by blocking the sunlight from sprouting weeds. In addition a generous application of mulch can fill the empty spaces in a garden discouraging wind-borne weeds from taking root.

MI Organics currently has four retail outlets operating at Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga, Grafton and Towsend with the head office at Coffs Harbour.

All four retail outlets carry a full range of organic soils, mulches, composts, sands, manures & an extensive range of decorative pebbles which are updated regularly.