Aggregate Materials and Supplies are available at Mi Organics

MI Organics offer you a range of specialist aggregate materials and supplies for the landscaping and building trades. Aggregates are any material that is made of loose pieces of some material, such as gravel, or crushed limestone. This broad definition covers an extensive variety of materials, from fine sand to large chunks of crushed rock used in road construction. Other common uses for aggregate include the following backfilling walls, bedding for drain tiles, flat stone chimney and wall construction.

Decorative gravels and pebbles are used in driveways pathway as inorganic mulch in pots and planter boxes. Available in an extensive range of colours and sizes gravels and pebbles can be used alone or selected as a feature component in concrete. The enormous choice MI Organics can offer in size shape and application of gravels and pebbles allows you to exercise your design skills and bring individual style to your landscape project while also meeting your practical requirements.

MI Organics currently has four retail outlets operating at Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga, Grafton and Towsend with the head office at Coffs Harbour.

All four retail outlets carry a full range of organic soils, mulches, composts, sands, manures & an extensive range of decorative pebbles which are updated regularly.